Maiorca wants to best brother

WINDHAM — For younger siblings, it’s hard enough to follow behind a brother. It’s even harder when that brother was the face of your school’s athletic program.

Despite being a great athlete in his own right, Windham’s Colton Maiorca has been living in the shadow of his brother Phillip and is determined to prove that he’s not just “Phillip’s little brother” and bust out from underneath that shadow.

“It was hard because it’s a small town,” Maiorca said. “With Phillip being the main attraction, sometimes people would know me as ‘Phillip’s little brother’ and then go on to talk about how great he is. That pushes me to get better because even though I look up to him a lot and want to be like him in some ways, there’s ways I don’t want to be like him and I want to be greater.”

Maiorca turned heads in his freshman year and looks to be a focal point for the young Windham team.

“He’s done a tremendous job,” Bombers coach Jake Eye said. “He’s one of our strongest kids. He’s in the weight room all the time, runs that ball hard. I’m looking forward to working with him this year and in the years to come.”

While knowing it’s a lofty goal, Maiorca is doing what he can to surpass his brother sooner rather than later.

“My brother was one of the best at Windham and, I think it will take more than a year to surpass him,” Maiorca said. “I hope I’m at least three-fourths of the way there by the end of the year. I won’t take days off, I always work and I hope it pays off.”

While wanting to be able to surpass his brother, the two have a strong relationship.

“I look up to him,” Maiorca said. “He’s one of the reasons I worked so hard to be a better football player. He pushed me to be better at practice and in the games, he helped me keep my head up, and even at home he’d tell me things I needed to work on and it helped a lot.”

Maiorca wants to not only prove that he’s not just “Phillip’s little brother,” he wants to prove that his team can be just as good despite losing a very strong senior class.

While many people are worried about how Windham is going to recover from losing their seniors, Maiorca is excited to show what his team can do without them.

“A lot of people think that because the seniors are gone that we won’t be as good as we were, but our team is young and we have a lot of potential to be good,” he said.

The end of Windham’s season last year is one reason why Maiorca is so excited to hit the field and prove the Bombers will be fine without the 2019 class. While not casting blame, he believes a better mindset would have led to a better outcome in their playoff loss to John F. Kennedy.

“I feel and most of the team feels that the JFK game should have gone a different way,” Maiorca said. “Some of the seniors last year didn’t have the right mindset that the rest of the players did, and I think if everyone had the right mindset, it could have gone better. It sucked the way we went out, but it’s in the past. We move on and learn from it and hope it never happens again.”

The Bombers open the season at home against Division II Akron North.