Warren trio going to Lake Erie College

Tribune Chronicle / Dante Centofanti Warren football players, from left, Alex Hernandez of Kennedy, and Jaquahn McIntosh and Simahjay Warfield from Harding are all playing in the Jack Arvin Classic on Thursday and also will be attending and playing football at Lake Erie College in the fall.

It’s no secret that the city of Warren is a historic hotbed for football talent. The city and the rest of Trumbull County have produced many college players in recent years.

The 2019 class is no exception, but with an interesting twist, as three players from Warren will be going to the same campus in the fall.

Warren G. Harding’s two graduated defensive tackles Simahjay Warfield and Jaquahn McIntosh are committed to be student-athletes at Lake Erie College this fall. Joining them in Painesville will be John F. Kennedy’s graduated offensive tackle Alex Hernandez.

The three are aware of the new brotherhood they are about to embark on, and how they have a chance to jump start it by being teammates on the Trumbull All-Star team for the 35th annual Jack Arvin Classic Thursday at 7 at Bo Rein Stadium in Niles.

“You find out that the three of us are going to Lake Erie,” Warfield said after Tuesday’s practice. “That just put us in a group already, I’m gonna be seeing him for the next four years of my life.”

McIntosh said he is aware of how Lake Erie not only comes for players in the Mahoning Valley, but how they have attracted players on the opposing team he will see Thursday night.

“I know there’s a couple guys from Lake Erie on the Mahoning team, so you get to play with some guys your going to be with and against them at the same time,” he said.

When Hernandez was going through the process of deciding where he would be furthering his academic and athletic careers, he was aware of how the Tornados of Lake Erie were gathering talent from the Valley, and that played a big factor in his decision.

“When I was looking to were I was going to go for college I was seeing where everyone was going and I saw a bunch of people were going to Lake Erie, and I saw these two were going,” Hernandez said. “It’s good to have people there that know where you’re from and know the area.”

The journey of McIntosh and Warfield as teammates is far from ending, but their time as Raiders is coming to a close, and they realize the honor of representing the tradition and putting it on one more time for the city of Warren.

“It’s an honor to be able to play in this game,” McIntosh said. “To represent Warren you’ve got to play hard and play with class, because that’s what Warren is.”

This is a blessing in itself because most people at our high school say they would kill for another high school game or a quarter of a high school game,” Warfield said. “We actually have the opportunity to play a whole game.”

For Hernandez, he has the same feeling of representing the Kennedy tradition and putting the uniform on for his city one final time as well.

“Growing up in Warren its pretty cool to go out there and represent because playing in high school you always keep it in the back of your mind of what you’re playing for, and I try to bring that out on the field,” he said.


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