Howland’s Manios to take field one last time

With the end of the season comes all-star games. Tonight’s High School Valley All-Star Classic is the chance for players from across Trumbull and Mahoning counties to get together and reminisce about the past four years of high school.

One player looking forward to sharing stories with the other players is Howland’s Frankie Manios.

“It’s cool, it’s going to be fun to see all the guys you played against and all the memories you’ve had for the last four years and all the rivalries,” Manios said. “I’m sure there will be some good stories going around in the dugout.”

Along with the stories shared is a chance for rivals to become teammates. Manios is thankful to be sharing a dugout with a good friend from a rival program.

“I’m definitely glad to be on the same team as Nick Guarnieri,” Manios said. “He’s on my summer ball team, so our relationship has really grown over the past two or three years. He’s always fun to play with.”

One thing that his coach, Zack Byler noted, was his dedication to whatever he was doing. No matter what sport he was playing, Manios gives it his all.

“He’s a hard worker,” Byler said. “Whatever season that he’s in, he’s 100 percent into that season. He’s a good leader and definitely wanted the best for every team that he played on in high school, whether it was the baseball or basketball team. When it was basketball season, he was one of the best, and when it was baseball season, he showed up ready to lead and make a difference.”

Even when the team was down and the odds were against him, Manios had the excitement to get back to work and keep fighting.

“He came off last season going 3-17,” Byler said. “A lot of guys came in apathetic or whatever, but he was excited to get back to work with a new coach and see what this season had for him. At the end of the year, he said he was happy that everybody helped him to have a good senior season. I was proud of all that.”

Like a few players taking the field tonight, this game isn’t the end for Manios’ baseball career. He’ll be attending Westminster College to continue playing at the collegiate level.

“I’m excited,” Manios said. “Ending high school was tough, because I’ve been playing with people I’ve grown up with over the past 12 years of my life so it’s hard ending that, but now I have four years of baseball left, so it’s really exciting. I’m pumped up.”

Despite moving on to the collegiate ranks, Manios will remember his time with Howland fondly and is excited to suit up in the orange and black one last time.

“It was great,” Manios said. “I enjoyed every second of it. I loved all the people. I loved our new coach, he was a great fit for the program. It’s what we really needed. He stepped in and brought the fun back. It was a great year and I loved all four years and all my other coaches as well.”