District swim qualifiers

at Cleveland State University

≤ TIMES: Wednesday, Division II girls diving, 11:30 a.m., Division II boys diving, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Division I girls diving, 11:30 a.m., Division I boys diving, 6:30 p.m. Friday, Division II swimming, 3 p.m. Saturday, Division I swimming, noon.

≤ DIVISION I BOYS: Diving: Ty Loudin, Harding; Connor Leecue, Harding. (Note, no other Division I or Division II girls divers were listed at press time). 200 medley relay: Boardman. 200 freestyle relay: Will Linker and Jordan Stackpole, Boardman. 200 IM: River Flatley, Boardman. 50 freestyle: Mason Rassega, Boardman. 100 butterfly: Noah Basista, Matthew DunLany and Stackpole, Boardman; Jake Lawrence, Austintown Fitch. Brendan Leecue, Harding. 100 freestyle: Linker, Rassega, Boardman. 500 freestyle: DunLany and Carter Cailor, Boardman. 200 freestyle relay: Boardman. 100 backstroke: Lawrence, Leecue, Flatley. 100 breaststroke: Basista. Tino DiCenso, Harding; Siman Mascola, Boardman. 400 freestyle relay: Boardman.

≤ DIVISION I GIRLS: 200 medley relay: Boardman. 200 freestyle: Mia Mowatt-Larssen, Harding. 200 IM: Sydney Lukco, Harding. 50 freestyle: Alison Kursas, Mikel Flatley and Jenna Markovitch, Boardman; Lydia Walls, Harding. 100 butterfly: Gia Direnzo, Fitch; Walls, Flatley; Katie McBane, Harding. 100 freestyle: Markovitch, Kuras, Lukco; Alyssa Dinapoli, Boardman. 500 freestyle: Mowatt-Larssen. 200 freestyle relay: Boardman, Harding. 100 backstroke: Direnzo, McBane, Dinapoli. 400 freestyle relay: Boardman, Harding.

≤ DIVISION II BOYS: 200 freestyle: Andrew Riser, Liberty. 200 IM: Jared Mindek, Howland; Alex Rohrer, Lakeview; Dominic Panozzo, Hubbard. 100 butterfly: Riser. 500 freestyle: Rohrer. 100 breaststroke: Mindek; Panozzo. 400 freestyle relay: Hubbard.

≤ DIVISION II GIRLS: 200 medley relay: Howland. 200 freestyle: Emily Benson, Liberty. 200 IM: Mia Pantalone, Howland. 50 freestyle: Olivia Benson, Liberty; Rachel Delida, Lakeview; Caitlyn Mindek, Howland. 100 butterfly: Pantalone. 100 freestyle: Brooklyn Bokan, McDonald; Mindek, O. Benson, Delida. 500 freestyle: E. Benson. 200 freestyle relay: Howland. 100 backstroke: Bokan 100 breaststroke: Gina Ricciardi, Cardinal Mooney.