Hubbard, Sinopoli get past Girard

HUBBARD — Lily Sinopoli’s quickness is noticed by her family and friends on the soccer field.

Her nickname is Lightning Lily, and for good reason.

With each team battling, the game was scoreless 12 minutes into the first half. Sinopoli scored the game’s only goal on a thunderous shot. She showed tremendous footwork and drilled the ball from the 20-yard line, just over the goalie’s hand and into the back of the net.

It was good enough for the Hubbard Eagles to get by Girard in this girls soccer game. With 8:54 left in the game, a distant lightning bolt forced the referees to call the game early, allowing the Eagles to escape with a 1-0 victory over Girard.

“We played a little slow for my taste,” Sinopoli said. “We need to play fast. I’m always looking to play faster. I really enjoyed scoring our teams goal tonight. The season is actually starting kind of slow for us. But, I think we’re going to ease our way into a winning season.”

Girard coach Darcy Quinlan was well aware of how dangerous Sinopoli can be with the ball.

“We made a defensive error with one of their best strikers early, and she made us pay for it,” Quinlan said. ” I think we played really well. All the credit to Hubbard. Unfortunately for us, the one goal was the difference in the game.”

Despite the loss, the Indians are eager to have a successful season.

“I really think we’re going to have a successful year,” Quinlan said. “Our league is a lot tougher this year. We have a lot of sophomores returning after starting as freshman. We just have to get out of our own heads, be confident that we’re a good team, and we’ll be okay.”

Ten minutes into the second half, Hubbard’s Liz Dowell broke out ahead of the defense and nearly scored before Girard senior goal keeper captain Hanna Jones made a big save.

Five minutes after that, Sinopoli was at it again. First getting rejected by Jones when she batted an attempt away with her hands. Then, after making defenders miss, she sailed the ball too high over the net.

“I knew the toughest part about beating them was going to be beating their goal keeper,” Hubbard coach Josh MacMillan said. “She made a couple really incredible saves that kept them in it. I know that Girard is dealing with some injuries. Fortunately, we’re healthy. The next time we play Girard, it’s definitely going to be a tough one. I want us to improve every game, and continue to grow as players. It’s been a good process so far. I’m enjoying it.”