Eagles focus on next step

With a .500 regular season under the Valley Christian Eagles belts in 2017, they want more.

More specifically, senior cornerback Jordan Trowers wants it more than ever.

“I’m coming off last year where we made a 5-5 record before the playoffs,” said the 6-foot-2, 170-pound Trowers. “That’s mediocre and I was never taught to settle for that. I’m expecting better things out of myself and the team. We have to expect more from each other and we can’t just become complacent. We can’t become stagnant like some teams may.”

Last year, Trowers led Valley Christian with 51 total tackles. He was third in tackles-for-loss with two and was also used at times on offense. He finished the season with 158 all-purpose yards (30 rushing, 98 receiving, 30 returning).

Trowers will be the No. 2 option at wide-out along with being the No. 1 cornerback on defense. He has no problem with that responsibility.

“As a leader, we have to take it for all it’s worth,” he said. “This is my last year in high school, so I’m going to try to have no regrets. I will take it game by game and live it to the fullest.”

Trowers will be leading a group that has 12 seniors and 13 letter winners on the roster. He takes all the responsibility for this team and how it will be.

As a senior, it has been an uphill climb to this point. With records of 1-9 in 2015, 2-7 in 2016 and 5-5 in 2017, Trowers and the Eagles want to finish this year with the best yet.

“Us having the same mindset creates unity in the community. It also creates a sort of brotherhood. If we all have the same mindset and the same goal, we are going to accomplish more because we are together. A house divided will never stand. Abraham Lincoln said that,” Trowers said through a smile about his team.

Valley Christian lit up the scoreboard a few times last season and Trowers is hoping the Eagles can do even more of that this season. For him, it all starts on defense.

“I’m hungry to be honest,” Trowers said. “I’ve been playing football since I was 4. That playoff atmosphere is just different and I like it. I want more of it. Once you get a taste of something, you want more. I want seconds.”

Trowers also said that the rest of the team feels the same way and that it is nice to have a team all on the same page.

“When I was a freshman, we had a saying ‘change the culture’. I feel like now as seniors, we can fulfill that,” he said.