Coach, player set for classic

For the past few years, McDonald coach Michelle Titus was an assistant coach for the Blue Devils. She was also an assistant coach for the Trumbull County team in the annual Bill Sferra All-Star Softball Classic.

This year’s classic is scheduled today. The doubleheader will take place at Youngstown State’s softball field starting at 4:30.

For Titus, she now is the head coach for McDonald and also will be the head coach for the Trumbull County team for the first time.

“It is such an awesome privilege to be able to coach this game,” Titus said. “Champion coach Cheryl Weaver contacted me if I wanted to coach this year after being an assistant last year. It was a nice honor. Weaver is such a great coach and it’s nice to be recognized by someone like her.”

For Titus, this game can be as awesome as it is strange. With no practice time, Titus said that she had to sit down and figure out all the positions to see where girls will fit together.

“We just make sure they all play and that they all gel together. A lot of them were still playing, so that was what it was when it comes to practice. That’s what worked last year so I’m going with it,” Titus said.

As for the players, it is a great honor to be selected to play. For Gabby Hartzell, Howland pitcher and Baldwin Wallace recruit, it is nice to know that this won’t be her last time on a softball field.

“I’m really excited to play in a game like that. Anytime you have a chance to play the game of softball again is a great opportunity. My high school coach (Amanda Toth) texted me to let me I would be playing,” Hartzell said. “I think knowing that I’ll be playing in college made my last game easier and this one.”

Hartzell said it is really nice to play with girls she has played with before. As for the game, it is a chance to get to play the game with the area’s most talented seniors.

“It’s cool to compete with these girls. I have friends that post stuff all the time and I think it would be so cool to play against them,” Hartzell said. “Unfortunately, that won’t happen with our teams’ schedules. It’s awesome to be able to compete with girls whose teams we might never play.”