Trumbull sewer rate increases will be large


The Oct. 14, 2022, Tribune Chronicle article about increases in Trumbull County sewer rates for 2024 and 2025 did not make clear the household bottom line. The sanitary engineer’s office has a table that is available upon request. Many have electronic fund pay and are unaware of bill details.

Chapman’s Lakeshore development was mandated by the EPA to get sewers. Each household has a special assessment times linear frontage times 4 percent interest on the property tax for approximately 20 years. Property taxes make it hard to vote for future levies of other needs. In addition, on the monthly sewer bill is a capital sewer cost of $29.05 monthly for 20 years, ending in 2030. The outstanding capital cost to be paid yet is over $200,000. This could not reasonably be forgiven. But the county could have given an interim rate to those paying capital cost.

Because we do not have water service, there is no way to determine actual use. A household size of one person pays the same as six. The current flat amount is $35.08 in our specific area of Bazetta. In 2024, it goes to $54 (55 percent increase) and in 2025, $57 per month (64 percent increase from 2023). Bills will increase from $67.13 to $86.05 and $89.05. There are other residents paying capital costs based on neighborhood projects passed on.

Was the capital cost anyone pays made known to Trumbull County commissioners by the sanitary engineer? If you want to know, do your research on your bill and contact the county commissioners.

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