Give workers union choice


There has been much news lately about the United Auto Workers union attempting to obtain members in the new Ultium facility in Lordstown. We are fortunate to have this valuable manufacturing plant in our area. It certainly places us in a new era of automobile manufacturing. But it was inevitable that the UAW would realize that some workers should want to unionize. This is all well and good, and it should be considered. However, there are also some workers who do not wish to belong to a union. We should take into account the desires of both groups of workers.

The is only one way to do this. If Ohio were a Right-to-Work state, both workers could do as they choose. This should provide a satisfied workforce as well as a satisfied management team. This has been a dead issue as of late, but it is high time to resurrect the idea and change the status in our state. It is a good thing the UAW brought the issue to the forefront. We, as citizens interested in our manufacturing future, should write our state senators and representatives and strongly request that they vote to make Ohio a Right-to-Work state as soon as possible. This should solve the workers’ problems at Ultium and place the state in a better position to invite new manufacturing to Ohio.




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