The 35-year wait for justice still continues


For 35 years, a man has lived in prison awaiting his execution.

This man was found guilty of a heinous crime and deemed guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

For 35 years, the Fife family has been forced to relive every horrid moment of this crime as the guilty man endeavors to gain his appeals.

For 35 years, this man has been fed, clothed, cared for medically, and provided free transportation as well as legal representation for his appeals.

For 35 years, the mother of this murdered child has waited for justice.

For 35 years, this guilty man has been treated fairly, while the victim’s family has received cruel and inhumane punishment.

How many years will this go on? Have we lost all sense of right and wrong?

It is difficult for me to believe that drugs adequate for the execution are not available when last week we read that Trumbull County may have the highest OD cases in history! Young people do not fear fentanyl. Even when it is known that this drug is deadly, it is taken willingly, people seek it and they find it. Can’t we find a way to close this misery for all concerned? This is a shameful injustice.




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