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Niki Frenchko’s ruse of slipping letters of “resignation” in to be signed by fellow commissioners was deceitful yet brilliant. It proved what she has been saying all along — the commissioners’ office was nothing more than a good ol’ boys club with no one being held accountable for their actions. No one ever questioned them about what was being done. Now, there is Niki, the elected watchdog. Love her or hate her, you have to admire her spunk!


Another episode from the kindergarten class at the Trumbull County Commissioners office. I’m totally disgusted with Niki Frenchko. Get her a playpen instead of an office. Please stop playing ‘gotcha games’ and do your job. I honestly believe she has a mental problem. Please get her help and stop this madness before someone gets hurt.


The Trumbull County Republican Party is a complete embarrassment to Republican citizens of Trumbull County, its candidates and to those who currently hold elected office. I sincerely hope it get its act together. The elected officers act like Keystone Cops.


Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is “willing to accept an eight-game suspension and fine in lieu of yearlong ban.” He should not be able to negotiate a sentence. In fact, he should be released from the team, forfeit any salary and be banned from football. We must stop glorifying these overpaid, egotistical, so-called athletes.


My wish is for Trumbull Family Court to show compassion in dealings with parents and children. I wish the court to consider listening to the child when determining the child’s best interests to hear what the child experienced. One parent can lose custody; usual reasons are drugs, alcohol, abuse, assault, neglect, abandonment. These issues don’t always apply, and arbitrary decisions are made by a magistrate, granting only limited supervised visitation of one hour a week. What a heart-wrenching situation for everyone.


“Anyone being investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be President of the United States.” — Donald J Trump. The quote is from: Aug. 3, 2016; Sept. 7, 2016; Oct. 15, 2016; Oct. 20, 2016; Oct. 21, 2016; Oct. 25, 2016; Oct. 30, 2016. Well, that settles that.


Democrat Trump haters may be clapping about the Trump raid, but remember when they ranted about him attempting to be a dictator? We are closer than ever before to a dictatorship. Don’t think these power-hungry Democrats in Congress wouldn’t turn on you in a heartbeat for personal gain. The Democratic Party has become corrupt and dangerous to our way of life. Wake up, and vote them out of office. There are good citizens. The DCCC has lost its way!


Suddenly, the far right is indignant that the Justice Department is openly addressing the avalanche of legal infractions of the disgraced ex-president in front of an entire nation. So now it’s the fault of the DOJ for following up on stolen classified documents? Republicans threaten to put Merrick Garland on the hot seat. Since when does the bank robber get to turn the tables and grill the judge? Trump must take responsibility and face consequences for his dishonorable actions!


Arizona MAGA gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has won her primary. Her unsubstantiated pre-election claims of “election-rigging” have now gone silent in the wake of her win. Sound familiar? A repeating event for MAGA candidates.


How many of our liberal, Biden-loving, area residents are signing up to take in the 1 million-plus illegal immigrants into their well-off, polished neighborhoods? What a relief it would be to help out during the vetting process, and keep our homeless shelters from overcrowding. I’m sure that during their stay in your homes, they might learn English and maybe you can enroll them into local schools.



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