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“Hill attorneys trade legal maneuvers.” This headline should have read, “More waste of taxpayers’ money.” Danny Lee Hill has been found guilty of torture, rape and murder of Raymond Fife. Hill’s public defenders have filed and lost appeal after appeal after appeal. This is ridiculous. Whatever happened to the justifiable use of the death penalty? If anyone deserves it, Hill does. Let’s get on with it and stop wasting money.


The Republican Party has gone from a group of professional, organized adults to a group of people beyond all professionalism and turned activist — and not in a good way. They behave like juveniles with no manners. They yell at motorists, post nasty articles on social media, and the women Republicans seem to be the worst! If you cannot behave civilized, go away and let adults conduct business. This fighting is an embarrassment to conservatives. Try acting like ladies.


The July 29 Tribune Chronicle article regarding Niles teachers demanding raises showed a sign stating, “I teach my students to put themselves first, now it’s my turn.” It should have been titled, “Niles teachers teach students to be self-centered, self-seeking, selfish individuals and demand they should be paid more for doing so.” So much for Niles teachers teaching students to be civic minded. Fortunate they are the second-lowest paid in the county and not the lowest!


In the July 23 Tribune Chronicle, reporter Guy Vogrin wrote that any lightweight semi-automatic rifle is an AR-15 style rifle. Not so. Case in point: The Remington Nylon 66 was produced from 1959 to 1989 and is a lightweight semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle. It is used for recreational shooting and squirrel hunting.


Bishop Bonnar has changed pastors at Mount Carmel in Niles three times in 14 months. How can parishioners build a bond with their pastor? Why is the bishop so against our parishioners? I hope God forgives him for the pain he is causing people. The motto, “That all may be one,” sounds catchy, but we are all individuals and will continue with respect to traditions, etc.


So many election-denying Trumpists are showing up on mid-term ballots nationwide. It’s just a continuation of the Big Lie, outrageous, illegal tactics and the frightening chokehold this failed ex-president has on the Republican Party. Hasn’t our country suffered enough from his treasonous behavior? It is the patriotic duty of America’s Democrats, independents and, yes, even “reality-based” traditional Republicans, to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Your vote counts! (Or so we hope!)


There is legislation to help veterans who manned Iraq “burn pits.” Democrats attached $400 billion spending package for nonveteran programs. Can’t they ever pass a standalone bill? This opens doors for a massive slush fund. I am a decorated Vietnam veteran. I just received compensation for injuries while serving for my country 50 years ago for Agent Orange and a knee injury in a combat zone. Why do they not give that slush fund to entitled veterans instead 50-year delays?


How disappointing that Republican senators first voted against, then reluctantly voted for health benefits for veterans. These are benefits to treat veterans who got sick after exposure to toxic burn pits, used on military duty. Our soldiers promise to protect this country, and the government promises to protect them. It’s shameful the GOP resisted in keeping our end of the deal. We have a strong volunteer military, and Republicans’ delay impacts soldiers’ awaiting cancer treatment and the morale of all.


Every Democrat I speak with constantly uses the words “Trump” and “insurrection.” Fentanyl, criminals, terrorists crossing open southern border bring a “but Trump …” That’s their go-to! Biden’s administration has no concern for hardworking, legal citizens. We are an afterthought. Zero accountability, common sense and talent in Biden administration have weakened this country and emboldened our enemies. Vote Republican exclusively. I hope it’s not too late for our nation to lead the free world. What’s that I hear? Another “But Trump …”


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