Americans have two choices for its future


I have said this before — the American people have two choices.

The Republican Party has always held extreme beliefs that were proven wrong. Today, those extreme beliefs have morphed into out-of-control extremism. They cannot control their own extremism.

Today, the Republican platform is basically this:

• Arm everyone, with any weapon they want, and do not regulate it.

• Control the women of America by wrapping their reproductive lives in chains.

• Destroy our election process and install a dictatorship. That’s the platform.

Out-of-control extremism is not sustainable. It will destroy itself in the end.

The American people have two choices, and it is time to choose. They can vote to remove the extremists from office and keep them out, until Republican voters understand they can no longer win elections by voting for out-of-control extremists.

Or, they can keep them in office, which will one day lead to a catastrophic event, as they destroy themselves. It will kick the American people, then the American people will wake up and rebuild America.

The American people can do this the hard way or the easy way. The 2022 and 2024 elections will inform me what choice they have made.




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