Race is not issue in capital punishments


This is about a recent article about Danny Lee Hill’s execution.

Annette McCoy of the NAACP said the death penalty has its roots in slavery and white vigilantism. That’s not true. The death penalty existed long before the days of slavery in America. It also exists in societies where everyone is of the same color.

She said the death penalty isn’t a proven prevention to crime. If that’s true, maybe it’s because people know that even if they get the death sentence, they may never be executed. They can play out their appeals for the rest of their lives. Also, statistics don’t show how many people didn’t commit murder because they were afraid of being executed.

As far as innocent people being executed, if there is any doubt about guilt, they don’t execute them. But if they really are guilty, then they should be executed.

She made the comment that there are 189 people on death row and that 100 were black, but almost as many weren’t black.

She also said that racism is inextricable from capital punishment. But that’s not true, either.

Jason Getsy and Kenneth Biros were executed here in Ohio several years ago, and they were both white. Ninety percent of all serial killers are white, and I believe they deserve to die. Danny Lee Hill deserves to die, whether he is white or black.

In 1983, there was a man down South who was executed for raping and killing a 3-year-old girl, and when he committed the crime, he was out on parole for killing a 16-year-old girl. He was white and deserved to die. There were people actually preventing his execution. People who commit crimes like that should be executed, no matter what race they are.

As it also says in the Bible, Gen. 9:6, if you commit murder your life is to be taken. But then again, most people today don’t believe in the Bible anymore.




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