Protect women’s reproductive rights


Gov. Mike DeWine, Attorney General Dave Yost and state Rep. Mike Loychik, R-Bazetta, are imposing dangerous, extreme views on all Ohioans.

Ever since partisans on the Supreme Court reversed the landmark Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions, American women have been sharply pushed backwards, losing rights granted to them 50 years ago.

Women in Ohio now must ask themselves if they will be given the care they need. And if not, will they be able to cross state lines to obtain it? The danger presented by the Supreme Court decision became evident in the case involving a 10-year-old girl who was raped and denied access to an abortion in Ohio. Our Ohio Attorney General Yost dismissed this rape as fictitious and dehumanized the victim and her family for partisan political gain to the public and on Fox News. This case not only clearly represents the problems associated with the overturning of Roe, but it also shows the attitude Republicans in Ohio state government hold towards women and their reproductive care.

Yost then issued a press release titled “Explainer Regarding Ohio’s Heartbeat Law Exception.” The letter mischaracterized the Heartbeat Bill, by pointing out that women may obtain an abortion before a fetal heartbeat is detected (before most know they are pregnant). The law does not factually state that at six weeks an embryo doesn’t have a formed heart. It has a cluster of cells that eventually forms into a heart that emits electrical signals, which can be detected on an ultrasound. The letter is unclear, stating an abortion may be performed if the life of the mother is in danger, but the specific provision is purposely worded in an ambiguous fashion, to be of little use to physicians who determine an abortion is medically necessary. The Heartbeat Bill should be immediately repealed.

Now, Rep. Loychik is a co-sponsor of another horrendous bill in the General Assembly as equally egregious as the Ohio Heartbeat Bill.

H.B. 598 would ban all abortions unless the life of the mother is at risk. This bill is dangerous and represents yet another step back in reproductive freedom. Rep. Loychik should be ashamed of himself.

It is not hard to imagine a situation where another 10-year-old is raped and denied access to an abortion despite the fact no fetal heartbeat is detected. This is the effect of the policies of extremists determined on making Ohio a state that is hostile to women.

When writing this letter, I was unsure if I should be using my laptop or a 1950s typewriter or perhaps a quill pen.

Access to all women’s reproductive health care and choice needs to be protected.




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