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I haven’t watched a Newton Falls council meeting in a while, but I did catch one June 15 and of course, I was not let down. Councilman Baryak always seems involved in some type of altercation with the citizens who attend. Totally unbecoming of an elected official. This, however, appears to be the norm anymore in the Falls. This mayor and council cannot be gone soon enough and only then we will finally head in a new direction.

Newton Township

Why in the world is a “Raider Pride Park” being constructed in front of the Harding facade? First of all, “Raider” is an offensive term, denotes violence and should be changed. Secondly, if anything is built to commemorate the old Warren Western Reserve building, it should be on the site where the building was originally located.


Use the once-in-a-lifetime American Rescue Plan money to repair Warren’s infrastructure. Warren is an old city with aged sewers, streets, etc. Nothing is more important than the health and welfare of its citizens.


Local lawmakers Mike Loychik, Al Cutrona, Sandra O’Brien and Michael Rulli failed most of the families they are supposed to represent by voting for House Bill 583. They and their fellow Republican lawmakers tagged on last-minute bill provisions that siphon public school funding and send more of Ohio taxpayers’ hard-earned money to private schools even when the student’s family can afford to pay the tuition. Their votes support private interests instead of working families.


Just want to point out how hypocritical and absurd it is that I, a bipolar man with a history of suicide attempts when I was younger, would be disqualified from serving in the military, but I could buy an AR-15 and plenty of ammo today with little to no difficulty. Think about that. DISCLAIMER: I am not suicidal, have no intention to ever harm anyone and have no desire to ever own an AR-15.


People in this country should review our constitution; it’s not that hard to read. It’s tiring to read repeatedly what the paid columnists ­– i.e., Jamie Stiehm, and others — say when they voice their opinions when they repeatedly identify the U.S. government as a democracy. This is the United States of America with a republic form of government. Look it up, educate yourselves. It’s up to us, each individual citizen, to educate ourselves to appropriately identify and save our republic and our flag, for which it stands.


In May, a new record of 239,000 illegals came across our southern border. They say also there are 1,800 getaways each day. Biden, Harris and Mayorkas do nothing to stop this. If each day a bus load of illegals were sent to the homes of Biden, Harris and Mayorkas, I bet in a flash this would stop. This by far is the worst administration in history, and we have two more years of this. You Dems voted for him.


Why do the Supreme Court and other governmental agencies think it’s OK to allow citizens to carry guns everywhere in public, with the notable exception of THEIR workplace?



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