Know about medical marijuana benefits


Marijuana is a commonly used drug in everyday life. According to the CDC, 48.2 million Americans used marijuana in 2019. Common usage is due to the enjoyment high people find once the drug is inhaled with a relaxed sensation. With the common recreational use of marijuana, most of the time, it is heard about in an illegal manner. For example, the 545,602 marijuana-related arrests in 2019 in the U.S. cause the benefits of marijuana to be overlooked.

Medical marijuana is rapidly growing and being accepted nationwide, mainly due to known benefits. Currently, 37 of our 50 states have legalized marijuana use for medical reasons. In Ohio, there are many regulations, including having a qualifying condition and a recommendation from a doctor. Just in Ohio, there are currently 261,453 recommendations from doctors for medical marijuana.

Certain conditions are in the category of qualifying due to their symptoms, which marijuana has shown to relieve. Pain management is the common cause of prescribed marijuana, specifically chronic and nerve pain, with an average of 50 percent pain improvement. As well there are some muscle-relaxing aspects. Another common reason is because effects marijuana has on the users’ appetites. It causes an increase in appetite to counteract weight loss and diminish nausea. There have been positive effects from this drug on veterans that return with PTSD, with currently 16,882 veterans with active cards for their PTSD in Ohio.

As a society, the helping aspects of marijuana are not shown, but get replaced with knowledge on illegal recreational marijuana use. There are obvious reasons that marijuana is becoming a common medical prescription. A survey done with BMC Family Practice in 2019 shows that over half of respondents agree with marijuana for medical purposes.

The good of marijuana in a medical and legal sense needs to become the common knowledge of marijuana.




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