GOP legislators failing Ohioans


Shock value. Interesting brain discussion topic. Used effectively in music, art, fashion, advertising, drug and other health concerns to elicit our emotions, maybe change our behaviors. However, in the wake of yet another mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, this shock value will pass in three days or more, and we will be busy with our lives again, numb to the events, unless it touches us personally.

President Joe Biden recently welcomed New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden who dealt decisively with her country’s own mass shooting in 2019: “This isn’t who we are. This act is not a reflection of who we are as a nation,” she said then. And the legislators there passed an immediate ban on most assault weapons and made it more difficult to acquire guns, requiring a license that involved an application, training sessions, a written test, two references and a home interview.

I believe Gov. Mike DeWine, state Reps. Mike Loychik and Al Cutrona and state Sens. Michael Rulli and Sandra O’Brien say instead, “We like who we are.” Their so-called gun legislation being introduced since January 2021 has only relaxed concealed carry laws and signed the “Stand Your Ground” into law. In the House, they passed a bill allowing teachers to be armed with a minimum 24-hour training. Not being addressed in Columbus by anyone but Democrats is legislation dealing with background checks, mental health, age requirements or even gun safety storage that statistics show would curb gun violence in Ohio.

After all these shooting tragedies, Ohio Republican legislators and the governor stick with “more good guys with guns.” Didn’t the Uvalde, Texas, shootings prove that to be a myth? Ohio’s legislative session ends in December, with next to nothing accomplished. Hearings and nothing more will get done, while suicides, homicides and mass shootings continue as usual. Something bold that will bring about change is what we need. The people will adjust with the new laws; remember, they are numb.




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