St. Joe’s effort shows bipartisanship need


Last week, I was elated with the announcement that the old St. Joseph Riverside Hospital on Tod Avenue finally would be removed. This was a joint effort of state and local officials to obtain the funds needed for the removal of this dangerous eyesore. On the day of the announcement, Gov. Mike DeWine, Warren Mayor Doug Franklin and numerous local elected office holders attended. Numerous pictures were taken with the governor and local officials. The governor is a Republican and the majority of the local officials are Democrats, but on this day, they came together in unity to celebrate this achievement, as it should be.

It’s my belief that if the tables were reversed and we had a Democrat governor and the majority of the local officials were Republicans, this celebration would not have occurred because of the current mindset of the Republican party.

This event showed unity — not who gets all the credit. In the future let’s continue to work together to achieve our goals.




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