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During last week’s unimaginable events at the Lowellville school, school personnel and first responders did a wonderful job of informing parents and other students of the problem. In response, parents and students explicitly followed directions so there was no further mayhem. Congratulations to all in enduring that horrific incident! It was so unlike reactions of Warren parents when there were threats, cursing and general disobedience of police orders. Listen and learn, Warren parents!


The LMC-Foxconn deal appears as another bad dream. How much money does it take? How many suckers are born every minute? It seems multiple players associated with the company still are allowed to get their hands in coffers to bleed the company(ies) dry. Production of 500 vehicles is planned six months into 2022? We should be interested to see how this will be accomplished while hard tooling is postponed because they wait for an additional $150M in funding. Pie in the sky.


Republicans on the Ohio Redistricting Commission are continuing their push to force voters to cast ballots under district maps that have been ruled illegal, unconstitutional and gerrymandered by the Ohio Supreme Court. Did they forget that voters overwhelmingly voted for redistricting reform?


Congratulations to all primary election winners. May our general election be one of factual messaging, respectful language and real concern for Ohio citizens. And as the candidates have the responsibility to campaign ethically, so do members of the electorate. Hopefully there will be no vandalism nor stealing of yard signs. And may our Letters to the Editor be fact-based and not just a recycling of divisive attacks. Ohio can lead the nation in factual, civil, political discourse.


When Democrats are questioned, they do a lot of name calling, placing blame on Republicans. These Democratic policies can’t just be a mistake. Biden allows protesters at Supreme Court justices’ homes; he recently shut down oil production in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico; now baby formula is in a warehouse for illegal immigrants’ babies, but store shelves are bare for American babies. Money to Ukraine must stop. We need it here, like Joe promised in his campaign.


I hear reports about millions of people living in poor air-quality areas. Reports will say “especially the poor and people of color are affected.” Never do they recommend any help for those affected — not even a temporary fix. The CDC had a whole list of things to do to avoid COVID. The thing most useless was the mask, but the mask is perfectly suited to help with poor air quality. I hear nothing but crickets.

Newton Falls

I’m so tired of hearing Trump’s name. He’s no longer president. Get over him and focus on Biden administration ruining your life! Biden does nothing to help Americans and continues to hurt us with every decision. This country is failing at record speed under his leadership. Why deny it? I’m a hardworking taxpayer, and I won’t be an afterthought. Vote Republican in the November midterms to help stop the Biden administration’s madness. God bless America!


For all the viewers of “Ozark,” the Netflix show of Wendy and Marty Byrd’s money-laundering business that recently ended. But no worries, as we can now focus on the Biden family’s corrupt shenanigans. It won’t be on the liberal news media though.

Newton Falls

I swear the Biden administration wants this country to fail. It makes no sense to cancel gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska with the price of gasoline already barely affordable. This is truly “America Last!”



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