Someone explain ‘Guardians’ name


I wonder why they had to go and change the name of the Cleveland Indians? I’ve been watching / listening to the Tribe play baseball for the past 70 years.

My grandfather started me off collecting the team’s baseball cards in the late 1940s. Granddad got his cards in boxes of Wheaties cereal. He would turn over in his grave if he knew about this.

Even my son doesn’t like the name change. He said they could have called them “the Rocks,” after the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Yep, Rockers would have been a great name. I would just like to know how they came up with the name Cleveland Guardians. That makes no sense to me, nor to a lot of my friends, either.

Some people just sit around and want to change things to suit themselves. It reminds me of all of those statues they want torn down. Perhaps someone would be able to explain it all to us?




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