Folly revamps Penny Arcade across Ohio


Here is how I interpret the change in law from our elected leaders: “Step right up and vote for me, I have your back on your Second Amendment rights.”

Less than half of America’s 50 states changed the law for concealed carry with handguns.

This must be our lucky day for we now may carry a handgun under wraps with no permit required nor training involved. If you’re a June bug, happy birthday, for the new law goes into effect on June 13 in Ohio.

My view? I feel just the opposite to this change of venue. Most of all, law enforcement states this is a very bad idea. If criminals want more mayhem, the leadership in 23 states just proved it, having no checks or balances in safety training as well as eliminating background checks.

Our city gateway signs may now display, “Welcome to Purgatory,” a place where your imagination can now run rampant. Just think of strapping that big iron on your hip — a town reflecting Dirty Harry’s life.

Come on, punk, “Make my day.”

Remember to vote Nov. 8 at high noon, cowboy.




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