About President Biden’s many failures


I see Letters to the Editor saying how great Joe Biden’s first year was. They must see different results than I do.

First and foremost, gas in our area is now over $4 per gallon. As soon as Biden came into office, he did his best to shut down gas and oil production. In order to get out of this fix, all he has to do is ratchet up our production and problem solved.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas was on TV again recently assuring us the border is under control. Someone needs to tell him we had 234,000 caught last month. In the past two months, nearly a half-million were caught. Doesn’t sound like any control to me. Also, neither Biden nor Kamala Harris have gone to the border to have a look. Biden also stopped the building of President Trump’s border wall. Anything to spite Trump.

They say illegals coming in are from 125 different nations.

I saw a man from Sri Lanka caught, and he said it took him about a month to get to the border. They say Guatamala runs ads on TV telling the people how they can get to the border and all the benefits Biden will give them.

So keep on telling me how great things are and I can tell you about your misinformation.

Remember, you Democrats voted for him.




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