Sound off!

So Commissioner Frenchko, in order to enable her compliance with a Civil Protection Order for the commissioners’ clerk issued against her by a visiting judge, wants her colleagues to move their meeting to a separate location. Why? So then she can walk out of yet another meeting without doing her job? Ridiculous! This is the epitome of dysfunction.


Niki Frenchko was never worried about doing her job when she was on vacation or not working regular business hours. Why is she worried now? Perhaps her wings have been clipped and now she can’t intimidate co-workers? She can sit 25 feet away or just grow up and act like an adult, not a spoiled child about a situation she created. No employer would tolerate such behavior. Why do the citizens of Trumbull County? Maybe we should suggest anger management.


You. And you. The unvaccinated. Continue telling yourself the vaccine is “government controlled” and “against our liberties.” If you don’t trust science of vaccinations, then stay home when you get COVID-19. It’s personal — we vaccinated people are tired of you. You continue to spread a preventable virus, but tell yourselves it’s your right. Then, it’s my right to tell you stay home and don’t clog our hospitals with poor and preventable decisions. Again, we vaccinated people are tired of you.

Newton Township

A recent sound-off stated, “The Biden administration had a SPECTACULAR first year of performance.” Are you kidding? You’re insulting my intelligence and yours. Everything Biden touches is a disaster. Biden has failed to shut down COVID, as promised. Inflation is a 40-year high. Record-breaking crime is allowed in Democratic-run cities. Illegal immigration is record numbers. Americans were left behind in Afghanistan. Grocery shelves are bare. I’ll take fact over fantasy any day when it comes to safety and financial well-being.


If you are interested in the Jan. 6 issue and want to learn the “other side of the story,” give Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin or Greg Kelley a try. You will see video that deserves investigation that, I would bet, is not on the liberal news outlets.

Newton Falls

Each day brings new evidence of extraordinary planning for the Jan. 6 horrors and disgrace. As the Oath Keepers and other Trump fanatics smashed up the Capitol, “Oath Breakers” (congressional Republicans) were hard at work, methodically tearing down democratic bulwark of our Constitution from within. I believe there are millions of rational Republicans, like me, who broke away from the party — soured by utter madness of the new GOP. I will not support lies, conspiracies and tactics of Party of Trump.


Joe Biden has just about completed his first year in office and what a slammer. Inflation is at a 40 year high; gas is over $3 a gallon; shelves are emptying at the grocery store, COVID is at a million-plus new cases a day. Need I go on? I wonder what’s in store for 2022. Don’t forget Dems, you voted for him.


There’s a new COVID-19 strain. It’s called the Chicago teachers’ variant.



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