LETTER OF FAITH: Jesus soon will return to Earth


I came to Warren in 1953, moved from a housing project to Niles in 1962. We had five sons to start school. The older boys rode, but I had to drive younger ones to kindergarten. When our fourth son went with the older three, he came home very upset, not wanting to go back again. I had to take him when he would not want to go back. The teacher said she mopped up his tears. I found a man with twin daughters in his class had come in telling the teacher not to read our Bible or pledge allegiance to our flag.

Why do people come from other countries and hate our Bible and laws? If they would read our Bible and study it, they would know Jesus is God’s son they nailed to the cross. While hanging there on the cross, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, they do not know.” I know I must forgive others who don’t believe Jesus is coming back soon to take me to heaven.




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