How to help your infant sleep safely

How to help your

infant sleep safely


Have you heard of practicing safe sleep with your little one? Here is information that will encourage you to be extremely careful when lying your child down to rest.

Unsafe sleeping conditions continue to be a cause of increased mortality in infants. Accidental suffocation, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other unexpected events have been on the rise for infant deaths.

Although, there are many things parents do to protect and keep their child safe, like cleaning toys, covering electrical outlets and stabilizing furniture, safe sleep is one of the most prominent things missed while preparing to keep a child safe.

A small acronym to remember and follow to promote safe sleep is simply “ABC.”

The “A” stands for alone — the infant should always sleep alone. Co-sleeping has many benefits; however, it increases risk for suffocation due to multiple bodies, bedding and the infant being unable to move oneself independently for breathing. “B” suggests the infant always lie on its back. Placing the infant on its back to sleep allows the airway to remain open, temperature regulation and more. “C” recommends the infant sleep in a crib. A crib will help the infant sleep safely without falling out of the bed or being smothered by things nearby.

We hope to see a continuous decline in infant mortality as educating parents and advancements in infant supplies continue. Many other ways exist to implement creating a safe sleep environment for your little one. Following the ABCs of safe sleep, limiting smoking in the environment, limiting sleeping aids and swaddling your child in a sleep sack while he / she sleeps can help you protect your child while at rest.




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