Biden provides tools to rebuild our future


Let’s state the truth. Youngstown and the surrounding Mahoning Valley have seen a succession of presidents, both Republican and Democratic, promising to “bring back the economic opportunities” in this area. And time and time again, we have seen failure. But, with the Biden administration, the tide may be turning for this Valley.

First, Biden’s infrastructure bill, which is an investment aimed at building our economy, but more importantly it is securing new, good-paying jobs. This bill is the antithesis of what our representatives have been practicing since the Reagan administration — trickle down economics making significant tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy and expecting the positive economic effect will just “trickle down.” We all saw what happened when the Trump administration, just two years ago, cut corporate tax claiming this action would increase average household income in the U.S. by $4,000. Fast forward to today. There is no indication this tax cut trickled down to U.S. workers.

This Infrastructure Bill will help Ohio provide good paying jobs to bolster our economy and become better competitively on the world market.

Also, kudos to the Biden administration for taking initiative on components of the Build Back Better Act, which is helping families, the U.S. worker and the economy. This bill ensures we have a satisfied, appropriately compensated work force that has support necessary to focus on work. Build Back Better invests heavily in child care. How many of us, if not ourselves, have known friends and family members that have had to make decisions to work or not work because of concern for the quality or cost of child care?

The preschool education provision for 3 and 4 year olds is making preschool accessible for millions of children who have this education denied because of parents’ inability to pay.

With demands our educational system places on children at earlier ages, this bill now makes preschool an option for many and, in the long run, will make a more educated workforce by providing early intervention for learning. The bill also provides for our family responsibilities with paid parental leave and elder care. The responsibilities for the care of family members typically falls with women. This bill allows women to work outside the home with better support and benefits.

These two bills are a long time coming. Let’s put political affiliations aside and do what’s right in rebuilding our future.




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