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Trumbull County commissioners and department heads will punch a time clock. It would be interesting if Lordstown held its employees accountable in the same manner. One department head routinely comes in after 8 a.m. and frequently leaves before 4. A couple department heads seem to believe work day hours are flexible. Another department head had been seen at his home during the work day. Hourly employees do not have the same treatment.


Pharmacy chains are liable for recklessly distributing massive amounts of pain pills in Lake and Trumbull counties? Who shoved the drugs down the throats of hundreds who suffered overdose deaths? If Walgreens, Walmart and CVS follow Rite Aid and Giant Eagle in settling lawsuits, how much more will the legitimate prescription-needy customers pay? It figures that the victim is the abuser and not the other way around.


The Trumbull GOP is scrambling, excusing its crass sign by pointing to other individuals’ inappropriate commentary, like comedian Kathy Griffin and Maxine Waters, ignoring GOP Rep. Marjorie Green, Rep. Gosar and other Republicans’ inappropriate statements. The Trumbull GOP refuses to take responsibility for the real issue. The official county Republican Party entity made a choice to display a crude, vulgar sign — leading by example that they believe vulgar discourse is acceptable and are willing to defend it.


Some are offended by “Let’s Go, Brandon” signs. I was offended for four years. I was tired of insults of Donald Trump. There was a Warren billboard from the Democratic Party bragging about free money, saying, “No thanks to Republicans.” Since when is money free? Someone worked for it! You reap what you sow. How long should Republicans stay silent? They aren’t the passive party. It was a matter of time for retaliation. Democrats asked for it. Let’s go, Brandon!


The Republican Party is self-destructing. The “Brandon” debacle at the local GOP headquarters is uncouth and disrespectful. The GOP chairman, a Christian pastor who displayed it, should be ashamed! In Congress, only 13 Republicans had courage to vote yes to substantially improve roads, bridges and the economy! These legislators, by benefiting their constituents, now face vile fringe threats after a member of their own party had audacity to tweet their phone numbers! Has all integrity vanished?


Mr. Biden promised to unify the country. Really? So far, he’s allowed our southern border to become nonexistent, our grocery supplies to dwindle and our gas prices to rise unreasonably. He has closed pipelines, causing us to buy oil at ever-increasing prices. We are confronted with an eroding work ethic. Why should illegal immigrants be given any money, let alone thousands? Yes, I am in favor of a Joe — Joe Manchin, a man of good conscience and intelligence!


Have you ever wondered why car companies invest so much into electric vehicles? There is little to no demand, EVs are expensive, battery life is unknown and they are expensive to replace. Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards require automakers to raise average fuel efficiency to 54.5 mpg by 2025. Auto companies can’t build a vehicle that has a high MPG and is profitable. Why EV? Simple. It’s big government.

Newton Falls

Although U.S. citizens have a right to free speech, we should use discretion exercising that right. Practicing “revenge politics” and displaying offensive signs serve only to continue the divisiveness the U.S. is experiencing. U.S. enemies need to do nothing but watch us destroy ourselves. And is this behavior what we want to teach our children?



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