‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ signs are justified


Regarding this newspaper’s recent editorial denouncing the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” sign at GOP headquarters, as well as several letters the same week echoing that disapproval, the liberals are spouting hypocritical nonsense.

They are offended that some local Republicans have copied the somewhat humorous take on “(Expletive) Joe Biden”

sweeping the country since September.

Here are a few reasons this chant is justified. As any objective observer must admit, the Biden administration has been a “dumpster fire” since Day one, with high inflation his policies have caused; showing more sympathy for America-hating rioters than law-abiding patriots; the shameful, humiliating exit from Afghanistan; the disaster at our open Southern border; nominating Marxists for key positions; etc.

Joe Biden, like his fellow leftists, is flat-out insulting to virtually all nonleftists. So, why should we like or even respect someone that disparages us?

The sports reporter who initiated this knew very well what those NASCAR fans were chanting, but pretended it was “Let’s Go, Brandon!” to try and spare Biden embarrassment. That’s another example of liberally biased media coverage.

The un-American leftists and their liberal allies are rank hypocrites on this issue because during the entire four years Donald Trump was president, they had no problem with people regularly making false accusations against him and publicly saying all manner of vile, vicious things about him and his supporters.

I’m sorry to see the newspaper’s editorial board has joined in this hypocrisy, which only helps to ensure that our nation stays as hostile and divided as it ever has been.


Mineral Ridge


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