Infrastructure bill to revitalize Valley


For years, Ohioans have been promised meaningful investments in infrastructure, and I am thankful to see Congress addressing America’s infrastructure needs by passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The money coming back to Ohio, and the Valley, will provide critical investments to rebuild and repair our roads and bridges, expand access to broadband, deliver clean drinking water and create good-paying jobs for working Ohioans.

Ohio is expected to receive $9.2 billion for federal-aid highway-apportioned programs, $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across the state and $1.4 billion over five years to improve water infrastructure across the state — to ensure clean, safe drinking water is a right in all communities.

Additionally, the infrastructure bill creates a first-ever national network of electric-vehicle chargers in the United States to accelerate the adoption of EVs. This will further support The Valley — Voltage Valley — in the work and investment that has been made over the years by Lordstown Motors and the Ultium Cells battery plant.

Meaningful investments are being made where they are needed and improvements are a welcome relief. The Biden administration is really delivering on its campaign slogan to “Build Back Better.”




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