Have you forgotten Dems’ failed promises?


If you think this next $3.5 trillion stimulus will produce jobs or help Americans in any way, you are wrong. Hidden inside this massive 2,400 pages is plans to help illegals.

In 2009, Barack Obama signed a stimulus bill into law. Three years and $825 billion later, the results were clear. Instead of producing an economic recovery, the stimulus only produced broken promises and massive debt. It failed, and Obama even admitted the “shovel-ready jobs” program did not work and on camera actually laughed when he said it. He was never held accountable, and it was at our expense. He not only promised a large impact, but an immediate one. It never happened. The results were that 6.3 million more Americans ended up in poverty; $35.2 billion for green energy created more red ink than clean energy. And now, the Democrats want more money. This will be only more reckless spending. Obama promised his money would put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. It did not happen. The lesson here is haphazard government spending cannot fix the economy. He stopped off-shore drilling on federal land, too. The results were we paid at the pump $4 per gallon — as we are doing now.

Before Joe Biden, we were energy independent. He, too, stopped the pipeline and drilling for oil the first day of his presidency. They never fix the problem. Democrats have a history of this.




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