Don’t be fooled by Mike Gibbons’ TV ad


I am sick and tired of the offensive television ad by this unknown and unproven man named Mike Gibbons. He is running for U.S. Senate.

His claim to fame is his self-ascribed business acumen, football skills and love of country.

His TV commercial is filled with hate, misinformation, labeling and lies.

Why would anyone want to vote for a blowhard who presents no credible options for how he will represent all of his constituents?

It does not surprise any wise voter that commercials like this appeal only to individuals who are like-minded bigots and haters.

He must have a lot of money because he has started early and often. Reminds me of another billionaire whose money did not fool people.

I hope voters see through hate-filled political ads and vote for candidates who address relevant issues that will help constituents.




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