COVID-19 mandates defy American freedom


Not too long ago, we were all just Ohioans. Now, Gov. Mike DeWine is saying there are two Ohios: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This type of division pits neighbor against neighbor, trying to scare us all into surrendering our freedoms. We can’t allow that.

The vaccine mandates are only just the beginning. For now, Gov. DeWine is bribing us with his “Waste-A-Million Vaccine Lottery.” But we know where this is going. He follows in the footsteps of blue-state tyrants, like Gov. Gavin Newsom and former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Before long, Ohioans will need a vaccine just to walk into a restaurant.

And let’s not forget, DeWine is coming after our children. He has already said he would forcibly mask all school children if the Legislature would let him. And his support behind HB 244 is just a charade meant to confuse voters. The bill will allow schools to mandate vaccines that have been approved for children, like the Pfizer vaccine.

Remember two weeks to slow the curve? Well, we’re going on two years of masks, restrictions and vaccine threats. We’ve already suffered a lockdown that has destroyed our economy. And children have been plagued with senseless interruptions for going on three school years.

DeWine is out of touch with voters. Ohioans don’t co-parent with the government. We decide what’s best for our children.

A Renacci administration will protect your right to refuse.

Whether it be a mask or a vaccine, we decide. No government bureaucrat can or should be given the power to decide what goes on our face or in our bodies.

That’s why I support Jim Renacci for governor. He has said over and over: no mandates, period.

Elections have consequences. We can’t afford another four years of DeWine. That’s why I urge you to vote for Jim Renacci in next May’s Republican primary.




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