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The city of Girard is wrong to charge 1,500 Liberty residents the second-highest water rates in Ohio. It does not cost Girard any more money to send water a couple blocks away. Those 1,500 residents and all Liberty residents should boycott Girard businesses. Let those businesses know what you are doing and why you are taking your money elsewhere.


According to Ohio Department of Education, Newton Falls High School has the worst graduation rate and the third-worst attendance rate out of 20 Trumbull County high schools. Sounds like the superintendent there should be more worried about academics than a sports complex.

Newton Falls

It seems that Niki Frenchko can take off anytime she wants and give no explanation why. Since it does not affect her pay on the board of commissioners, perhaps it is time for a time clock and for the commissioners to get paid for actually being there.


Electric vehicle maker LMC struggles to launch its electric truck, so now it will sell part of the plant to a Taiwanese company that makes Apple phones. (What weight in world affairs will the U.S. bear for that?) We’re leaning further on non-USA manufacturing and enabling foreign manufacturing to take place here. After World War II, it was illegal for a foreign entity to own more than 49 percent of any company in America. What happened to that?


Newsflash to Trump-haters: He’s no longer president. Turn off CNN and MSNBC and stop obsessing about Trump. Recognize the Biden administration’s socialist-style, big-government economic agenda is dismantling the America we know and love, one freedom at a time. It’s easy to take personal freedoms for granted because it’s all we’ve known. The Biden administration puts our financial and safety concerns last. Our nation’s future, regardless of party affiliation, is in grave danger due to Biden’s socialist agenda. Wise up!


Biden will lose Taiwan like he did Afghanistan. China wants reunification with Taiwan. The Chinese air force flew hundreds of sorties into Taiwanese airspace. China and Russia held joint naval drills. China fired a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. Since his election, Biden has held three hours of talks with the premier on the phone. China must think of Biden as a buffoon — he was that on his best days. These aren’t Biden’s best days.


We all know we can’t just open our borders. But we must remember we all are descendants of immigrants. Can we try to be kind for people wanting a better life?


Biden has written executive orders canceling Trump’s Keystone XL pipeline, offshore drilling, gas and oil leases on public lands and exploration in Alaska. Gas is now $3.29 with no end in sight. Grocery store shelves are starting to empty. They run around like headless chickens with no idea what to do. I can see a recession coming and the swamp is only interested in spending trillions on pork projects. Democrats voted this fool into office, not me.


We will destroy America with our hatred in politics, religion and race, starting with Joe. Biden. Who among us is without sin? Open your hearts to Jesus, our savior. Look in the mirror and ask yourself who are you, what do you stand for and what do you believe. Accept all with love. God bless!


About 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into our country since August of this year. Another Haitian surge reportedly is moving toward our border. Yet President Biden insists that we, Americans, are the ones mandated to have COVID-19 vaccines. Does he not think those illegals could be the super-spreaders? Sound hypocritical?

Newton Falls


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