Enough is enough in Kinsman; vote now


Nov. 2, bill-paying taxpayers of Kinsman Township have an opportunity to regain power and control of our government that has been under the thumb of a monarchical entity ruling with a tight fist for too many years.

If you lived in Kinsman and recognize the overall government shroud, it’s time to take advantage of the upcoming election to re-evaluate our township’s governmental status while focusing on ending the 10-plus years of monarchical power and control consuming our small portion of God’s country.

The deliberate manipulation of information being projected from within a small part of the current governmental platform is testament to the ongoing behavior in and of past years.

The effort to provide official meeting minutes (public records) in written form for the past 22 years of township government to / for anyone interested in reviewing the manner of how the monarchical rule has directed and controlled our township’s present status is within reach. It is also possible that the real amount of dollars available for the use of our township will become evident.

Most importantly, it is now time to say enough is enough. Remember, if we sit back and let the past be our future, our small part of God’s country will be consumed by the social order of the 21st century. Thereby, those who have will continue to have, while those who have-not will be consumed and shuffled to the other side of the imaginary train tracks to serve as we are told.

Incidentally, the word “monarchical” is defined as 1) of relating to, suggesting of, or characteristic of monarch or monarchy. A “monarch” is a person who reigns over a kingdom or an empire.

It’s up to voters to decide whether we want to be ruled or actually become an important, out-front, educated component within our township’s government.

Be sure to vote!




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