Way of Afghanistan departure was wrong


Letter writer Leif Damstoft is right on one thing. It was the way President Joe Biden left Afghanistan.

Leaders of our country make mistakes, but this was insane. You never pull the military out before American citizens and those that have a valid visa and have been loyal to helping our military are safe. This is basic sense. The reason the Afghan army fell apart, the president of that country fled with $169 million and left the army with no leader; he is a coward.

This was not the same as the Vietnam War. That war was lost because it was run by politicians in Washington. China and Russia backed North Vietnam, and there was no purpose for that war. The terrain was brutal, and their army was dedicated. There was no public support here. We went into the country with no understanding about that country, and we had no objective other than our leaders did not want communism to spread to the USA. How could communism come from a country 10,000 miles away? Of course today, many in this country embrace communism. How did this ideology take hold in America? As far as ending the Afghan War, not just Trump but Obama could have ended it, too, and did not. Remember, Obama the candidate pledged to end the war in the Middle East.

Under Obama there were three wars — Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.




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