Time to fix Warren’s flooding problems


Aug. 25 was the day of hell for me, my husband, daughter and my neighbors on Edgewood NE, Warren, when our neighborhood was hit very badly with flooding. All of us got between 18 to 36 inches in our basements as sewers backed up.

The destruction was swift and hurtful. About 80 percent of our property in our basements was destroyed. Wedding albums — destroyed. All of my tools and silk flowers, arrangements, baskets, vases from being a floral designer — destroyed. All of our Christmas decorations destroyed. Paintings — destroyed. Paint cans from home remodeling floating in the water. Carpet / rug cleaner gone. Purses, satchels gone. Cards, letters from my late parents gone — so many memories. All of our winterwear gone. Furniture gone. Keepsakes and mementos gone.

We had a plumbing company come out and spend hours draining our basement. They put in a new water heater that we lost. Our insurance, because of a tiny little clause omitted about sewers, is denying the claim. Add to that list a new washer is gone. It’s still pending about our dryer and furnace. After the water goes down, two or three inches of “black sludge” remains. We had to get a trash receptacle for more money. Cleaning supplies, boots, rubber gloves, garbage bags, scrub brushes, Clorox, disinfectant, mops, brooms and fans … the list goes on.

The work goes on — six days of carrying things out with sewer water in 90-plus degree heat, repeatedly throwing heavy bags into the trash. Washing down walls with Clorox water, taking shovels and scraping sludge into garbage bags to throw away over and over until every muscle in your body aches.

Yes, I will be at the Warren City Council meeting Wednesday to express my concerns about using the American Rescue Plan money for fixing city sewers. This should never happen again, and there should be some kind of compensation for these families involved in this tragedy. Some people are saying once they turn in their claims, they get dropped by their insurance. So what is the answer? The city is going around and around without giving concrete answers. People are exhausting their funds to keep having this happen again and again.

Warren leaders must take a big step and do what is right. Get these sewers in order. Our voices in Warren should be loud and clear for change to come to this city and let that change stand for helping each other out when darkness falls.




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