Strong leadership must begin at home


Leadership begins in the home. When a child is raised with the power of living a life of integrity, honesty, humility, kindness, respect, self-reliance, independence and courteousness for others, via examples set by parents, a true leader of men is being formed. Everyone faces adversity. It’s what you do when the storms come that shows your true character. Adversity is a certainty and how you deal with it defines your personal strength to overcome or weakness to blame others for failures.

Since the 1960s, we have been inundated with false, deceitful, insincere messages though TV shows, commercial ads, books and magazines. The messaging of selfishness is still being promoted today. Living a life for ourselves, by ourselves with the sole focus of obtaining possessions as our goal in life is self defeating — these messages of “me time” include “Divorce doesn’t hurt children because they’re resilient,” “Marriage is overrated, living together is better,” “Women can do it all and they don’t need men,” “Buy what you want because you deserve it,” “Don’t take responsibility for your failures because it’s someone else’s fault,” etc.

We have a higher-than-ever rate of single parenthood, personal responsibility in short supply, accepting government aid throughout one’s life and a strong sense of entitlement. The woke culture is advancing the idea that your skin color and economic background are the sole determining factors of your success or failures, not your effort. Woke culture is promoting hatred and division with promise of equality for all, regardless of effort. Is it fair to take from someone who produces and give to someone who refuses to work?

We’re seeing failed leadership at the very top of our country in action today as a direct result of decades of self-centeredness, leading to the southern border overrun, a failed state in Afghanistan, printing money with total disregard of the long-term consequences, inflation, energy dependency, extended unemployment, government mandates and the America-last policy — just to mention a few. Americans are more entitled, more divided, irresponsible, disrespectful and weak than ever, but it doesn’t have to continue.

Leadership always begins at home with strong families, selfless parents, communities that understand we’re all part of one race — the human race. Men and women have different roles that are equally important in raising children. The value of self-reliance, integrity, truth, compassion, respect, honesty, all go hand-in-hand in building a great society. Hard work always wins.

Can parents win this battle of ideas or is the messaging so prevalent that we have lost the soul of America?




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