Sound off!

Recent actions of a Newton Falls councilwoman are disturbing. Her disrespect toward law enforcement makes her unworthy for public office. Police probably saved her life and others that night. It’s apparent she needs help. Mayor Kenneth Kline and Councilmen John Baryak and Brian Kropp exhibited such bravery leading the removal of Sandra Breymaier from office. Will they exude that same tenacity and bravery with the same set of rules on Ms. Spletzer? We will see if the circus continues.

Newton Township

Candidates offering “change” but no coherent policy may well forebode chaos and nonperformance. Glaring examples are Commissioner Niki Frenchko and state Rep. Mike Loychik, both proving to be disrupters without solutions. Rather than learning responsibilities of their new positions and how to successfully participate in government, they’ve chosen to bully, insult and threaten anyone who doesn’t support their opinions. Their antics are useless, embarrassing, disrespectful and the poorest examples of what elected officials should be.


I believe Lakeview Board of Education violated the Sunshine Law by having Rep. Loychik removed from its meeting. I don’t agree with Rep. Loychik, but I believe his rights to respectfully give his opinion were violated.


I voted for Niki Frenchko to help alleviate the “good old boys” network in our county. Sadly, she has increasingly become a source of agitation and lack of direction needed for a commissioner. Can she please quit bickering with everyone and just do the job she was elected to do? Myself, I’ve had enough.

Newton Township

It disgusts and sickens me when I read in the newspaper about child abuse. It’s usually due to drugs, but the children suffer. They live in filthy homes, left in cars alone or running around outside, sometimes in cold weather, with little or no clothes, while the parents are sleeping. This must stop. There are many ways to prevent a pregnancy. So, use them. If you know you can’t take care of your children, don’t have them!


The state representative removed from Lakeview BOE meeting for not wearing a mask was reported in the news, but nothing was reported about the trailer in the parking lot painted similar to the “deathmobile” car in Animal House. I guess domestic terrorism threats are being written off because trying to intimidate a group of elected board members is OK these days. I believe intimidation is a form of terrorism.


Here we go again. Another college football season has started, and again the viewers are unable to watch the halftime band extravaganzas. Instead, we are subjected to the “talking heads” who tell us what we just watched. Why not give those band participants and band directors their just due and show the work they have done? They put in hours upon hours of time to perfect those shows, and the TV audiences never get to enjoy them.


How you heard of palindromes? They are words that read the same both backward and forward, like “level.” Here is a math palindrome: If you were born in 38, you are 83 years old. Chances are you graduated in 56, making this your 65th class reunion!


The Trumpers are coming to the Capitol this weekend to protest hundreds who were arrested following the Jan. 6 insurrection. Let’s hope the National Guard is locked and loaded this time.



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