Rep. Mike Loychik divides, fails to lead


I have always believed that one of the roles of an elected official was to represent his constituency in such a way that people are drawn together to promote the good of the district. From what I see, Mike Loychik is doing the opposite.

Mr. Loychik was elected to promote the good of his constituents, not to promote a particular political agenda that is divisive to all and distasteful to some. From his first bill to rename Mosquito Lake State Park to his current bill to ban mask mandates, Mr. Loychik has proven that he cares more about his politics than his constituents.

Why rename the park in such a way that might drive people away from coming here to enjoy all that the lake has to offer and contribute to the local economy? Why promote and organize against a mask mandate designed to keep our children safe from COVID-19, especially our youngest students who cannot be vaccinated? How does that keep our community safer and promote the good of all his constituents? I am left to wonder what his real objective is in all this.

Elected officials are supposed to be transparent and available to their constituents. One way in which they do this is to have regular personal contact with the local media. This allows the elected official to reach many constituents easily. Mr. Loychik’s refusal to engage with the Tribune Chronicle is an insult to the newspaper and to the community.

We expect more from our elected leaders. Mr. Loychik must lead, not be a follower of an agenda that can harm his people.


Greene Township


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