Joe Biden’s failures increasingly clear


It’s been said Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Now it should be Joe Biden snoozed while Americans were murdered. He found it inconvenient to come back to Washington from vacation when his decision on Afghanistan collapsed into chaos.

In just 7-plus months, Biden surpassed Jimmy Carter in gross incompetence.

Of 29 weeks in office, Biden has spent 23 weekends either at his home in Wilmington, Del., at Camp David or at his Rehoboth, Del., beach house. If you follow the president’s official White House agenda (which I do), you will see it’s unusually light, with generally no meetings or events extending past early afternoon. Often, it consists only of late morning briefings. Trump, by contrast, usually had events and meetings starting early and extending into late evening, even tweeting at night. When he was away on a weekend, Trump still met with foreign dignitaries, staff, cabinet members, etc. Biden typically leaves early Friday afternoon and sometimes doesn’t return until Monday.

Democrats and media allies hid Biden in his basement during the election campaign. They pushed Bernie Sanders aside to have an empty weak, vacuous vessel like Biden. Now Bernie, the “Squad” and their legislature comrades fill his empty head with socialist pipe dreams.

It’s undeniable Biden’s physical and mental state is deteriorating. He has a difficult time speaking with a clear linear thought process, even with a teleprompter. At press briefings, he often gives incoherent answers, and when pressed, sometimes responds in anger, mumbles and runs away. When Biden paused to answer questions from the press the day our troops were killed and injured, something very revealing happened. Staff gave him a script instructing him to call on predetermined members of the press to answer questions he was prepped to answer. He’s so out of it he read aloud instructions on the cheat sheet prepared for him!

His decision to abandon Americans in Afghanistan and his handling of the withdrawal highlighted gross incompetence and lack of understanding and the leadership required. He is underwater on everything from COVID-19 to the southern border and economy — crises his administration created.

Biden’s policies and behavior are clearly national security issues. The secretary of state, generals, military leaders and diplomats connected with this debacle should resign or be fired. The problem with removing Biden is his potential successor, Harris, has no significant legislative or leadership experience and would potentially be more inept and dangerous than Biden.

We need to return to speaking what is obvious and true, not what media, politicians and others tell us. God will help if we earnestly ask Him for mercy instead of the judgment we deserve.




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