Government taking too much control


Who’s running the country? Joe Biden is told, “Read this, sign this.” He’s the puppet and will, hopefully sooner than later, resign. Then Kamala Harris replaces him. Who will see the difference?

Regarding the Afghanistan debacle and the stupid assessment, propaganda comments made repeatedly by Biden and his press secretary, “Those Americans who want to come home, will come home.”

Who in their right mind would not want to come home to America?

Many Afghans have been helping the U.S. (paid with our tax dollars and supported with our military supplies and equipment), but U.S. citizens and soldiers should be the first priority in getting out. If or when every American returns safely to the U.S., maybe we can, with 100 percent vetting, bring some Afghans to America, if the Taliban lets them leave — and that doesn’t mean 1 million or 2 million of them!

Just what we need, more immigrants coming in. The southern border is in an unprecedented crisis. I don’t believe in coincidence! COVID-19 cases and the delta variant have been rising with the illegal immigrants increasing. They are being transported all over the country. Anybody see a connection?

The bottom line is those who are pulling the strings want complete control of our minds, which will lead to control of our country. COVID-19, no doubt, came from China and subsidized with our tax dollars. That was a gift! With lockdowns and mask mandates, now seemingly endless vaccines and all the damage the pandemic has caused — leading to more government control.

Letting illegal immigrants coming through the border and scattered all over, to be supported by your tax dollars. It’s deliberate and future “no ID required” for voting for Democrats — more control!

Stimulus money encouraging people not to work, especially younger ones. With freebies, more control.

God gives us free will. We are wasting it and giving permission to Washington. From unhinged Biden to Congress to voters who are being led like sheep to slaughter.

Wake up America! We are no longer near the abyss; we are in the abyss! But we still can do something with prayer, our voices and our votes.

God bless America and give the people common sense and grace to go from destruction, evil and darkness to peace and light.




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