District maps more unfair than before


Things seem to be business as usual for Ohio Republicans when it comes to redistricting. In 2011, after maps were drawn in a “bunker,” voters went to the ballot box to reform how federal and statehouse seats are drawn. The newly formed Ohio Redistricting Commission took a tour across Ohio a few weeks ago, with no maps to show. Gov. Mike DeWine skipped out on the meeting to attend the Cincinnati Bengals training camp when the commission came to Youngstown.

Republicans called another redistricting commission meeting in Columbus on the deadline to produce a map by Sept. 1 but had nothing to show. They promised a map would be forthcoming.

Finally on Thursday a map was revealed, which has been seen by leading experts as even more gerrymandered than previous maps. The proposed map pairs Warren with Aurora, two unlike communities with different needs.

Where was the transparency in the process? What discourse did they have when pairing communities together? Republicans seem to have worked again behind closed doors to favor themselves as opposed to voters.

We deserve fair maps and a fair process.




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