Alan’s company is enhancing Warren


I’ve seen the ups and downs of Warren. I love seeing the activity going on at the old Packard factory both inside and out. With the buildings’ longtime poor condition, it is refreshing to see the installation of new windows in the Packard administrative building and the teardown of irreparable structures on the corner of Paige Avenue and Dana Street NE.

In addition to time constraints of renovations to the entire Dana Street campus, Dasher Lawless continues production of Auto Parkit components. I’m privileged to work for Dasher Lawless. I get to see structural work inside and out. Like any construction, the foundation and structure must be fixed before it can be made aesthetically pleasing. Work started externally, most noticeably at the 408 Dana St. truck entrance. The brick and stonework are incredible. The administration building is getting new windows and upgraded electric.

I and others who work here are part of something greater. A company that cares not just about bottom lines but employees and the community. Activity at Packard and the old GE buildings sometimes looks like a beehive. Unfortunately, with steps forward, some steps backward occur because of vandalism or dumping. Cleanup requires time and money. There was nothing positive at these properties before Mr. Alan acquired them.

This is a world of quick turnaround and instant gratification. That brings shortcuts and blatant disregard for long-term existence. Dasher Lawless work in Dana Street buildings will stand tests of time, so factories can operate for generations. The biggest changes aren’t always visible outside. Much bigger and brighter things are coming from Dasher Lawless.

I have seen foundation and structural repair, upgraded electrical, windows replaced, more employees hired — not including production of the innovative parking structures.

This is not a simple repair job. Daily work here includes remediating lead paint, asbestos and electrical below today’s safety standards.

Patience with minor inconveniences like road closures is crucial to safely performing construction. It’s a small price in the grand scheme. Many people get caught up in the here and now, but we need to shift our focus to the future. Long-term job stability is being created by a company that continues to enhance the community and employees.

Warren and surrounding areas have been hit hard by closures of GM-Lordstown and Packard Electric. Christopher Alan is providing a viable solution by offering new jobs and improving abandoned buildings that once, quite frankly, were eyesores. I am proud to see a Warren native like Mr. Alan breathing life back into this city.




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