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Some of the pandemic relief funds that Warren is receiving should be dedicated to helping animals abandoned due to the pandemic and financial hardship. Perhaps funds could be used to help overwhelmed shelters, build new shelters and fund pet food giveaways.


Our community is lucky to have a beautiful venue, the amphitheater, in downtown Warren, surrounded by parks and historic homes. What a shame that organizers of River Rock at the Amp choose to allow smoking at their events. I realize it’s outdoors; however, the smell of drifting smoke is at times overpowering. Perhaps they could consider a smoking area away from the audience.


The charade of a Newton Falls meeting was troubling this week. Mayor Kline, who doubles as a preacher, should be ashamed of his actions, along with other council members. While Christians all over the world are persecuted in various countries for their beliefs, Mayor Kline or Rev. Kline has abused his position and authority in trying to use local police to remove members of council who disagree with him. He should resign as mayor and as a reverend.

Newton Township

It looks like people from the cities are upset about WRTA going away. If the cities want it, they should pay for it — not the 24 townships who do not benefit and would be taxed. Frank and Mauro did the right thing!


Steve Burns and Julio Rodriguez resigned from LMC with a nice parachute. Quitters! I bought shares, dang it! Buck up and get back to work and make this thing happen. I am owed money! I’m sure the ladies taking over these top positions are more dedicated.


A “rioter” at the Capitol gets 8 months. Hmm, I wonder what BLM real rioters got for burning buildings and other atrocities. Just wondering.


President Biden wants to spend tax dollars to pay for COVID-19 vaccines for other countries. Instead, he should send the vaccine to our southern border and make it mandatory for every man, woman and child crossing our border to be vaccinated. Biden needs to protect the people he was elected to protect and care for!


Is your church now divided by politics? The neighbor’s yard signs suggest it is. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Would the political values in your church keep someone from knowing God and repel why they don’t attend church? Is the pastor and staff more concerned with contributions and volunteerism than saving souls? If you wouldn’t welcome a stranger into your home without knowing where they stand politically, why would they enter the doors of your church?


It is hilarious how “Never Trumpers” still criticize Donald Trump and his supporters, while the Biden administration has made a mess of this country in just six months. Maybe Biden supporters should focus on the lack of law and order; skyrocketing prices of gas and goods; CRT theory in schools; proposed record-setting government spending; and a dangerous open southern border policy, to name a few. And Democrats called Trump a liar? Wake up, folks!



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