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Rep. Mike Loychik is not knowledgeable nor well spoken. He avoids media by using prepared statements. His constituents do not know where he stands on various issues. His friends at the state capital are lobbyists who funded his campaign. He used his veteran status to play to people to give him a chance as state representative. Keep track of his lack of or lame outcomes because a public servant will come forward to make him a one-termer.


Rep. Loychik thinks his job is to serve the last president, not Trumbull County. He has no ideas to introduce to help us except a ridiculous idea of renaming of a 77-year-old park for a president who isn’t even from Ohio, yet eight presidents were from Ohio. Does he even know McKinley was born in his district? Loychik is unwilling to focus on helping people in his district.


I applaud returning ice skating to downtown Warren. Instead of adding to the controversy of ruining grass and sidewalks, said to be an issue during festivals, why not clean up Packard Park and place the rink there? For security purposes, an area could be lit by existing lights from ball fields and tennis courts. The park has Packard Music Hall, a splash pad, baseball fields, tennis courts and skate boarding. Why not additional activities?


I am severely tired of reading / hearing about Commissioner Niki Frenchko. She has caused nothing but mayhem! I did not vote for her, and I am sorry you all did. It will not get better, just worse, and it won’t end soon.


Canfield held its Fourth of July parade on Monday, July 5, out of respect for church services. Newton Falls held its parade at 10 a.m. Sunday, during church services. A tale of two communities.

Newton Falls

Lordstown gives massive tax cuts to businesses in the village and now wants Trumbull County to pay to pave its roads? What’s wrong with this picture? Raising village worker’ income taxes might be a better idea.


Donald Trump said Adolf Hitler did some good things. What’s that say about Mahoning Valley Trump supporters?


The most dangerous time in our country’s history is taking place and community newspapers remain quiet on the subject. Trump’s continual claim that the 2020 election was stolen is damaging citizens’ beliefs in our election system. If small newspapers want to continue to be seen as a legitimate and important part of a free country, I suggest they start by writing a rebuff and placing it on the front page, every time the former president repeats this lie.


As the correlation between the number of unvaccinated Americans and their particular political affiliation becomes more apparent, it’s clear the COVID-19 scourge has evolved into essentially a “Republi-demic.” At what point will the “Party of Trump” realize the dire consequence of refusing shots by its followers is actually reducing the ranks of its own voting base through needless death, as compared to the “healthy Party of Biden?” I thought the idea is to gain votes.


The Texas governor should hold fast to his threat of arresting Democratic legislators who fled to avoid a vote on a Texas voting bill. That’s typical liberal behavior. Too bad they can’t be removed until the next election.



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