Some good came from COVID-19 pandemic


Did anything good come out of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Well, seniors are more proficient in the use of Zoom. There was a big increase in car parades. People are finally covering their mouths when they sneeze. Nursing home patients received more phone calls.

Toilet paper became a commodity like gold or silver. We learned nurses are superheroes. Americans have a greater appreciation for essential workers. Tips in restaurants have gone up. More people are riding bicycles. There is less air pollution. Pizza sales have flourished (along with waistlines).

We have learned the importance of personal hygiene. We understand the need to be more self reliant in the production of medical supplies and prescription drugs. There were few or no school shootings. Citizens learned they need to set aside six months worth of living expenses in preparation for the next crises, pandemic, terrorist attack or business shut down. Most hourly workers have more income.

And more people are reading the newspaper!




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