Nation faces epidemic of mass stupidity


We have an epidemic of stupidity in our country with a combination of malfeasance in our elected leaders and falsification of facts by several major news outlets.

There’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is lacking knowledge or awareness in general, or not being aware of the facts. Stupidity is showing a lack of intelligence by ignoring the facts because they don’t fit your narrative, thereby preventing commonsense reasoning.

One example is House Resolution 1, For the People Act. The name on this bill sounds great, but this isn’t reality. The bill would promote fraud, suspicion and mistrust in our voting process. If you don’t have a valid government photo ID, you can purchase one for under $60. Those who fail to provide a valid ID shouldn’t have a right to vote. The deceitful messaging being broadcast is voter suppression, which is totally erroneous. Over 93 percent are confirmed as having a government ID.

Another example is defunding police because they’re the problem and having zero bail for criminals. Does this make any sense? This is being done at the expenses of those who live in communities that need protection the most. Somehow, stupidity is reigning supreme. If you have fewer officers and more criminals roaming the streets, just how does crime decrease? Maybe the criminals can start community policing and instead of being paid by taxpayers they can just extort money from community members.

How about gun violence? It seems guns are just shooting people haphazardly without anyone behind the trigger. It just can’t be that defunding police and incentivizing criminals is causing a surge in violence; therefore, it simply must be guns. Fewer than 2 percent of criminals go to sporting goods or retail stores to purchase guns to use in crime. The AR-15 is a rifle, and according to U.S. Department of Justice report January 2019, less than 2 percent of all crimes involved rifles of any kind. How about targeting criminals and leaving law-abiding gun owners alone?

According to Kamala Harris, our southern border is secure and safe under the Biden administration. Any increase in border activity is due to Trump, she says. Is Trump’s stay-in-Mexico policy causing the new surge? Or is it the free health care, housing and money? Who would never leave their impoverished corrupt country to come here where things are free?

Stupidity is infecting our government, and no amount of actuality, reality or truth will change this. You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote them out of office. God save America.




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