DeWine’s fireworks veto earned a vote


Reporting Saturday on the governor’s recent veto of the fireworks bill, the Tribune Chronicle ran a front page article consisting mostly of comments from Bruce Zoldan of Phantom Fireworks.

Mr. Zoldan is a multibillionaire whose financial interests are threatened by the governor’s veto. In one comment, Zoldan even calls himself a longterm supporter of Mike DeWine, indicating the governor should be swayed by a wealthy contributor and implying he can buy whatever he wants from the statehouse.

So many quotes and the childish name-calling from this long-winded man are not fair journalism, and that hurts the credibility of the Tribune Chronicle as well.

In the middle of the article, DeWine is credited with a mild-mannered statement of facts as to why the legislation goes too far against safety, serves to expand fireworks sales and their storage, burdens the nonfireworks-loving public with a wide-open war zone and 25 fireworks holidays.

The governor would have been more dramatic if he had made his argument about the deadly fireworks news from Pennsylvania just the week before. There were multiple deaths including children and a fireman, more injuries and many blazes around the state some large enough to require multiple alarms. Columbus lost Matiss Kivlenieks to a stray mortar hitting him point blank.

It is surprising that the article was so blind to the facts other than those provided by Mr. Zoldan and some politicians to whom he presumably contributes.

Gov. DeWine comes out as more of a statesman than a politician and will keep my vote.




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