‘Trump traitors’ are at war with America


The Jan. 6 insurrection is not over. The Republican Party is continuing what they allowed Trump to create Jan. 6. On May 28, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz called for violent resistance to the government of the USA, which is a crime. I believe he should be immediately arrested!

Gaetz said the Second Amendment is not for hunters, but for people to use their guns to overthrow the government. That is an outright lie. It is a call to arms to attack the government, yet again, just like Jan. 6. I see that as treason and high crime.

We, the people, must demand our government law enforcement take action against criminal traitors. The Second Amendment states, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Nowhere in this does it say for the people to use those arms against their government; in fact, it states the exact opposite. The people’s “Militia” is to protect the government, not fight it. To overthrow the government, we have elections. The losers don’t get to use armed, violent force to get their way.

When Donald Trump first ran in 2015, I said we were in a civil war. The only question then was would it stay peaceful at the voting booth. The answer, we now know, is no. Trump traitors were never taught by their parents how to lose.

Gaetz and insurrectionists claim the insurrection never happened; it was like any other normal tourist day. Really? They refuse to hold investigations into the insurrection for good reason; they are guilty and will have to pay for their crimes. Republicans gave tactical help that day with tweets to insurrectionists and the day before with tours to help them learn the ground they were to attack. Asking Republicans to investigate is like asking the Taliban to investigate 9/11.

The war has been declared. It is Trump traitors vs. Americans and America. It is that simple. People have to make a choice. For sure, life as you know it is over in this country because we are at war with ourselves now. How much more violent will it get? That’s up to the people in charge of doing their jobs and honoring their oath of office. I believe Republicans as a party no longer have honor. We now need to work the rule of law and our constitution as designed or we fail and fall.




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